Pula - Croatian Defenders’ Home, from 1st until 10th December 2017

Reading, a ''serious'' matter, will be presented to children and young adults in a way that they find appealing. A selection of the latest children's books and young adult fiction will be presented to authors and visitors of Monte Librić in a casual, playful manner. ''An adventure that consists of reading interesting, funny and smart passages that can be found in schools' required reading material and other books, a game of literary showering (aha!) with excerpts from chosen texts and a handful of noble surprises, will create a brand new experience of literary teatre. Let's play literature!'', writes Davor Schnk.

  • 04.12

    Davor Šunk and the book LICE / FACE (Darko Macan and Tomislav Tomić, Sipar)

  • 05.12

    Davor Šunk and the book ALL ABOUT EVE (Nena Lončar and Marijan Lončar, Ibis grafika)

  • 06.12

    Davor Šunk and the book WHO'S AFRAID OF WHAT (Zvonimir Balog, Sipar)

  • 07.12

    Davor Šunk, and the book I DON'T CARE / A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, Klub prvih pisaca

  • 08.12

    Davor Šunk and the book SYRUP FOR CAT'S COUGH (Silvija Šesto and Vanda Čizmek, Semafora)