Pula - Croatian Defenders’ Home, from 1st until 10th December 2017

The artistic, true Istria, self-effacing and always somewhat mysterious, the bedrock of today's Book Fair(y) founded by Boško Obradović, is represented by recent publications by Istrian publishers and authors, as well as authors that, directly or indirectly, refer to Istria in their works.


  • 03.12

    Maroje Mihovilović: WE, THE CHILDREN OF SOLFERINO (Profil Knjiga)

    Participants: Maroje Mihovilović, Andrej Bader, Aljoša Pužar


  • 04.12

    Drago Orlić: THE SEA IS SINKING OR OLD FASHIONED POEMS (Istarski ogranak DHK)

    Participants: Drago Orlić, Boris Domagoj Biletić, Aljoša Pužar


  • 06.12

    Milorad Stojević: HISTRIA MOBILISSIMA (Istarski ogranak DHK)

    Participants: Milorad Stojević, Boris Domagoj Biletić, Aljoša Pužar