22. Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri, pulski festival knjiga i autora
Tema: Transatlantik
Dom hrvatskih branitelja, od 1. do 11. prosinca 2016., Radno vrijeme: 9-21


By introducing the topic of Transatlantic, the Book Fair(y) connects two continents – Europe and South America – for the first time, and brings contemporary Portuguese, Spanish and South American literature into focus.

With this topic the 22. Book Fair(y) in Istria opens the windows of the literary accomplishments, both from the Old and the New World, it opens itself to the power of the words coming from people whose lives carry the memory of all the burden, sorrow and hope from their ancestors’ journeys, but it also opens itself to the ones who even today, here and now, accept journey as a challenge – being it a result of a wish for something better, or a strive for something completely new, a yearning to distance oneself courageously and fearlessly from the staleness of the mainstream framework, characteristic of the globalized world, where the borders, to tell the truth, can be opened, yet people not ever coming in touch with each other in the real sense of the words. As in the old times, ice-cold water bulwarks, after all the colonializations and colonialisms, once again invite the Fearless to try to connect seemingly unconnectable – all the luggage of the ones who wait with the luggage of the ones who are coming.

A range of both Croatian and foreign authors, scientists and culturologists will present their newest works and ponder upon the given topic through round tables and presentations of literary magazines.

Casa Fernando Pessoa, Instituto Camões Zagreb, Embassy of Brazil in Zagreb, Embassy of Spain in Zagreb, DGLAB - Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas and Croatian P.E.N. Centre are sponsors of this programme, and the main selector is Tanja Tarbuk, a prominent translator from Portuguese in Croatia.





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