The Dreamlike Book Fair in Istria Association originated from its most famous project named Dreamlike Book Fair in Istria, founded and created by Boško Obradović, Magdalena Vodopija, Tereza Pulja and Zoran Vodopija in the shelter of the cult bookshop Castropola from Pula. Due to rapid development of the Festival of books and authors within the Fair, the need for creating the Association which would gather creative artists and organizers as well as the renowned literary stars from all over the world appeared.

Members of the Association

Magdalena Vodopija (President of the Association, Book Fair Director), Egle Vošten (Vice-President of the Association, Polis-Adriatic-Europe Festival Director), Slavica Ćurković (Monte Librić Director, Book Fair(y) Assistant Director and Chief Producer), Mauricio Ferlin (Book Fair Art Director, renowned Croatian designer, video spots Director, winner of numerous national awards), Miodrag Kalčić (Book Fair(y) Programme Committee Member, Book Fair(y) Catalog Editor), Rozalija Obradović (Book Fair Founder Representative), Matija Ferlin (longtime Fair(y) collaborator), Rea Korani (Assistant Chief Producer and Head of the Hospitality Management Service), Olivera Pleić (former manager of the Book Fair Sales Department, manager of Castropola), Tina Zenzerović (Book Fair(y) Sales Manager), Iris Mošnja (Book Fair(y) Web editor), Marko Bolković (technical coordinator of the Book Fair), Vibor Juhas (member of the design team, technician), Matko Plovanić (member of the design team, technician), Neven Kacun (web Administrator), Nina Plovanić (Assistant Sales Manager), Tereza Pulja (long term manager of the Book Fair Sales Department, well-known librarian from Pula), Gorka Ostojić Cvajner (Book Fair curator, renowned art historian and gallery owner), Dario Marušić (Book Fair collaborator, musician and ethnomusicologist of European fame), Andrea Matošević (longtime Fair(y) collaborator Fair, assistant professor at the University of Pula), Marta Andrić (Book Fair(y) Programme Committee Member, assistant professor at the University of Zagreb for turkish language), Marina Orlić (author of the award statuettes - Kiklop, independent artist), Ljiljana Avirović (Book Fair(y) collaborator, Professor at the Faculty of Trieste for translators), Nives Tomašević (Book Fair(y) Programme Committee Member, publisher and assistant professor in the Department of Information Science of the University of Zadar), Slavica Kapuralin (Fair(y) collaborator, librarian).

*On the member’s list there will always be the name of the famous Croatia editor, translator and writer Albert Goldstein, one of the most important collaborators of the Book Fair, who deceased in May 2007.

Goals The goals of the Association are promotion, stimulation, development and presentation of books, authors and written word as well as of culture and cultural heritage by organizing literary manifestations and book fairs, supporting and promoting the Istrian and Croatian artists in Croatia and abroad, stimulating the cooperation among similar associations, participating in the international and interdisciplinary projects, contributing in creation of the regional cultural identity of the Istrian region and of Pula as its biggest urban centre.

Purpose and area of activity The purpose of the Association is to connect and present the artists and scientists from the Mediterranean, Central Europe and South East Europe by means of strong cultural projects, particularly those related to books. The Association operates is the Republic of Croatia, but cooperates with the surrounding regions and the rest of Europe, too. During its work the Association established strong ties with the international partners: The Leipzig Book Fair, Schreibheft magazine from Köln, Plima organization from Ulcinj, the festival Due sponde un mare from Termoli, the Belgrade Book Fair, Austrian Cultural Forum of Zagreb, Göethe-Institut, Croatian-Turkish Friendship Association, Institut Camōes.

Association projects The Dreamlike Book Fair in Istria Association is the founder of the renowned Dreamlike Book Fair in Istria – the festival of books and authors from Pula, of the Kiklop Award, Istrian Book Centre and the multidisciplinary Polis - Adriatic- Europe festival and the children's book festival Monte Librić.

Book Fair Awards:
Magdalena Vodopija got two important awards as Book Fair director: The Award of the City of Pula in 2004 and the Istriana award as the most successful person in the cultural field in Istria in 2008.