Breakfast with the Author

Outside any strict protocol, but with high professional demands, Breakfast with the Author is a programme that brings authors and their work together with readers in the best possible way. The programme has been held in an unbroken series since 2001. Led by skillful and spontaneous Vojo Šiljak, each program unit turns into an informal morning gathering that warrants a good literary start of each day during the Fair(y). The audience adores the programme and its masterful host and has been looking forward to it with the same fervour for the last thirteen years. There’s no doubt that this year, Vojo Šiljak and his guest authors will "shake up" the demanding central theme once again in a recognizably casual and interesting way.

Berti's Programme: Love at Second Sight

In memory of Albert Goldstein, the renowned Croatian publisher, editor, writer, translator and Fair(y)'s great friend, Berti's Programme: Love at Second Sight was established in collaboration with the Croatian P.E.N. Centre in 2007. Numerous experts, well-known authors, art theoreticians, philosophers and connoisseurs of the written word join the programme without any commercial objectives, in order to present, describe and recommend for reading those titles which have unjustly been denied the attention of the media. Many of those who deeply admired Albert Goldstein, including his collaborators and friends, continue Berti's work through this programme, raising further professional challenges and capturing the reader's attention. The recommended titles, to be saved from oblivion this year, will follow the main theme and focal points of the 19th Book Fair(y).

Reading at Twilight

Traditionally held every year since 2001, Reading at Twilight is a programme that presents the literary production of a current year, with an emphasis on the most recently published titles, which have not yet been introduced to the public. Dialogues between colleagues, authors, publishers, translators and literary critics represent the best way to introduce those new titles which are certain to mark the current publishing year with lasting value and to share with readers a thorough insight into the books worth reading. The expert and skillful criticism, as well as the authors' emotional approach to the subject are characteristic features of this programme, which we look forward to each year.



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