6th Book Fair in Istria

4th - 14th December, 2000

Pula cinema

The sixth Fair was dedicated to all the people who go to bed wit a book, to the nonexistent club of bed readers. To bed with a book, a slogan and a poster that raised dust and disapproval of the local moral people, started the 6th BOOK FAIR IN ISTRIA. Authors, editors and expositors, about forty of them, with various presentations made the fair a real book festival. The gratest need was paid to, at the time not quite known, FAK (Festival of Alternative Literature) witch held a special programme (festival within the festival) in the cult rock club „Uljanik“. People involved in FAK literally roared through Pula. They brought a bit of the atmosphere of the seventies (fuck you), though much more sophisticated and softer.

12 presentations in 11 days took place in the Fair's premises. And just like in the former years, some of them are to be recorded and some remembered. Presenting the book Biblioclasts by Gérard Haddad will be rembered as the longest and most emotional presentation of the Fair (followed even with tears in the audience). It happened thanks to the presenter don Branko Sbutega. This was also the only presentation where the presenter (the author was not present) signed books on audience's request.

Presentation of the art monograph Diminić will be remembered for inspired expositions by two ladies: Gorka Ostojić Cvajner and Zdenka Višković; presentation of the Fadil Hadžić monograph with Drago Orlić's spectacular improvisation (now we can admit – he saw the book only ten minutes before the presentation); presentation of the Stanko Lasić's Autobiographical Notes for the academic Šicel's unusual (from footnote to footnote) exposition; presentation of the very expected book – Milan Rakovac's Istragram for the author's sharp dialogue with his presenter – friend but also his biggest critic – Boris Biletić; presentation of the Fortress magazine for the lowest attendance rate (it was the last day of the Fair), but also for the enthusiastic and passionate prsenter – Žarko Paić.

And after all, we are left with some books to take them to bed wit us.