3rd Book Fair in Istria

8th – 18th December, 1997.

Portarata, Old department store

After two years of residing in Capitolium and Diana galleries, the Fair was moved to a new location. A derelict building, witch the local people call the Old department store, located near the Golden gate, wellcomed 107 Croatian publishers with more than 400 titles. . The Fait catalogue was introduced as the most important and unique list of publisher and newest publications in Croatia at the time. The novelty of the 3rd BOOK FAIR IN ISTRIA  consisted in presenting the daily information on the Fair and its accompanying events on the Internet as well as announcing the best book of the Fair. That year, out of any competition, it was Branko Fučić's Terra Icognita. It's public presentation was the highlight of the Fair's special programmes. The music performance of the Marušić is trio and brilliant, light-hearted talk by academic Branko Fučić are still remembered as well as tha audence's loud laughter and applouse.

„The first recycling fair in Istria“ was opened alongside with the Fair and all the visitors and passers-by where asced to visit in throughout 10 days in the windows of the Old department store. „Similar looks forward to the similar“ was the title of the exhibition of unique dolls by the painter Gordan Majnarić witch also took place at the Recycling Fair.

Organisers are especially proud of the three Fair because it warned about the devastation of the citiy's premises. We would like to belive that the poet's appe-al at the opening ceremony: „We do not want mayonnaise running down the Golden gate“, and the Fair's atmosphere saved the Old department store's building from McDonaldisation.